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The International Journal of Health Management Review - IJHMReview arose from an in-depth reflection regarding the challenges for the management of healthcare systems both in Brazil and globally, since resources for healthcare are becoming increasingly scarce, which poses a challenge for both public and private sectors.

The Journal was created as a non-profit entity by the Brazilian Institute for Training, Development and Professional Management, a private sector organization, the activities of which focus primarily on teaching, research, development, and projects that involve the management of professional and academic education in the many fields of healthcare and administration.

To achieve its objectives, the Brazilian Institute for Training, Development and Professional Management has at its disposal a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the fields of teaching and research, as well as an organizational structure suitable for: 

  • supporting the dissemination of knowledge in economics and related fields by means of technical publications, periodicals, essays, the Internet and other communications media;
  • collaborating with public and private sector institutions, both national and foreign, whether academic or otherwise, in the creation, management, and evaluation of programs in the field of healthcare management;
  • Promoting courses, symposiums, seminars, conferences, and studies that foster education and debate regarding healthcare systems, promoting the improvement of professionals, whether in the public or private sector, in partnership with a broad range of healthcare and educational institutions.
  • Conducting research required by the public and private sectors, pursuant to the highest academic standards, which simultaneously enable the production of knowledge and the training of specialized personnel. 

The changes that occur in the political, social, cultural, environmental, technological and economic environments in various countries around the world are reflected in the way resources are managed, whether in the healthcare sector or in other sectors, all of which require practical, clear, and objective solutions which can be applied to the daily operations of the administrators which manage these different systems. 

In this context, IJHMReview seeks to contribute with research on these practical issues, providing knowledge and scientific understanding regarding how to improve healthcare management, increase the quality of the care, optimize the use of healthcare resources and, consequently, improve the quality of life of the citizens. Thus, the topics of interest are:  

  • Healthcare Management in the daily operations of the hospital administrator: strategic, tactical and operational aspects thereof;
  • Formal and informal organization of healthcare services: leadership, negotiation, communication, culture;
  • Challenges, trends and strategic aspects of the management of healthcare systems;
  • Quality management in healthcare services;
  • Cost management in healthcare services;
  • Aspects and trends of Public Health Policies, Women's Health, Men’s Health, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Epidemiological and Public Health Surveillance, among others;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in the healthcare sector;
  • Technology management in the healthcare sector;
  • Operational management in the healthcare sector;
  • Knowledge management in the healthcare sector;
  • Sustainability in the healthcare sector;
  • Crisis Management in healthcare systems;
  • Operational logistics in the healthcare sector; 

As a scientific publication, IJHMReview prioritizes scientific research, both empirical and theoretical, as well as technical reports (practical/technical in nature) of actual cases occurring in healthcare services and systems. 

IJHMReview will publish articles in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. 

Articles will be submitted only via this website, and will be evaluated by peers using the blind review system.

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Vol. 9 (2023)
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Published: 2023-01-09


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