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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The contribution must be original and unpublished and should not be in the process of evaluation by another journal; if that is not the case, justifications should be noted in the "Comments to the Editor" section.
  • The article submitted must be in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF format.
  • The identification of the author of the article must be removed from the file and the Properties option in Microsoft Word;
  • URLs for references should be reported where possible.
  • The text should be in simple spacing; use a 12-point font; use italics instead of underlining (except URL addresses); the figures and tables should be inserted in the text, not at the end of the document in the form of attachments.
  • The text should follow the style standards and bibliographic requirements described in Guidelines for Authors, in the About the Journal page.

Author Guidelines

General Writing Guidelines
The article submitted to IJHMReview will be evaluated primarily with regards to its scientific merit;
The list below is very useful for submission and increases the chances of a positive evaluation;
What is the contribution of this research to the field?
Is this research unpublished and original?
Does this research have managerial, social or public policy applicability?
Was the text comprehensively reviewed with regards to both content and form?
Are the citations and references in accordance with ABNT standards?
Is the title in accordance with the significance of the research?
Does the Abstract follow the requested pattern?
Have the format standards been adhered to?
Articles and other texts for publication should be typed in one of the text editing programs .doc or .docx in a standard PC format. Directions as to format are specified at the end of these Norms. 
Mentions of authors in the text itself should follow the form (AUTHOR, date) or (AUTHOR, date, p.), as in the examples (SILVA, 1989) or (SILVA, 1989, p.95). Different titles by the same author published in the same year should be differentiated by adding a letter after the date, for example: (GARCIA, 1995a), (GARCIA, 1995b), etc.
References should contain only those authors and texts cited in the work itself and should be presented at the end of the text, in alphabetical order, complying with the most recent ABNT norms. Materials that do not contain bibliographical references or those presented incorrectly will not be considered for examination and publication. It may be noted that university librarians are qualified to offer orientation as to the correct use of norms. Examples of ABNT norms application may be found at the end of these Norms.
Directions for the application of the ABNT Norms
1. Books: author's surname (Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/PERIOD/Title of work (in italics)/COLON(if there is a subtitle)/Subtitle (if there is one)/PERIOD/Edition ( in abbreviated form and if it is not the first edition)/PERIOD/Place of publication /COLON,SPACE/Publisher)COMMA/Publication date/PERIOD.
Example: RACHED, C. D. Gestão em Saúde. 2. ed. São Paulo: Mc Book, 2019. 
2. Articles: author's surname (Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/IF THERE IS ANOTHER AUTHOR, REPEAT THIS OPERATION SEPARATING THE NAMES BY SEMI-COLON/PERIOD/Title of article/PERIOD/Title of the periodical (in italics)/COMMA/Place (publication headquarters of the magazine)/COLON/Entity to which the magazine is linked/SEMI-COLON/Place of publication/COLON/Publisher/COMMA/Volume Number of the periodical (if there is one)/COMMA/Pages that correspond to the article/COMMA/Month (abbreviated)/Date of publication/PERIOD.
Example: TEIXEIRA, Carmem Fontes; SA, Marilene de Castilho. Planejamento & Gestão em Saúde: Situação Atual e Perspectivas para a Pesquisa, o Ensino e a Cooperação Técnica na Area. Ciênc. saúde coletiva,  Rio de Janeiro ,  v. 1, n. 1, p. 80-103,    1996 . 
3. Anthologies: surname of the author of the chapter (Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/PERIOD/Title of the chapter/PERIOD/Write “In:”/Surname of the organizer (Uppercase)/COMMA/Initials of the organizer's name (IF THERE IS ANOTHER ORGANIZER, REPEAT THIS PROCEDURE, SEPARATING THE NAMES WITH SEMI-COLONS)/Write, when it is the case, “(Org.)”/PERIOD/Title of the anthology (in italics)/COLON (if there is a subtitle)/Subtitle (if there is one)/PERIOD/Edition, in abbreviated form and if not the first/PERIOD/ Place of publication/COLON,SPACE/Name of publisher /PERIOD/Translator's name, when there is one/COMMA/Date of publication/PERIOD.
Example: FERRAZ, R.  Saúde e Ambiente. In: GADOTTI, Moacir; TORRES, Carlos A. (Orgs.). Educação popular: utopia latino-americana. São Paulo: Cortez, 1994.
4. Academic dissertations: author's surname (Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/PERIOD/PublicationTitle (in italics)/COLON (if there is a subtitle)/Subtitle (if there is one)/PERIOD/Date of dissertation defence /PERIOD/Number of pages/PERIOD/Academic degree it refers to/DASH/Institution where it was presented/COMMA/Place of publication/PERIOD.
Example: Barreira, L.  História e Historiografia: as escritas recentes da história da educação brasileira (1971-1988).  1995.  220pp.    Thesis  (Doctorate Degree in the History of Education) - UNICAMP, Campinas.
5. Works presented in congresses:  author’s surname (Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/Period/Title of the work presented/Period/Write “In:”/name of the event(Uppercase)COMMA/numbering of the event (if there is one)/PERIOD/COMMA/Date of publication/COMMA/Location of the event/PERIOD/Title of the document/Location of the event/COLON/Publisher/COMMA/Time period of the event/COMMA/Month (abbreviated)/Publication date/PERIOD/iniyial page and end of the part referred to/PERIOD.
Example: MALDONADO FILHO, E. A transformação de valores em preço de produção e o fenômeno da absorção e liberação de capital produtivo In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE ECONOMIA, 15., 1975,   Salvador.   Anais... Salvador: ANPEC, 1-4, dec. 1975.  p. 157-75.
6. Works in electronic media: author’s surname(Uppercase)/COMMA/Followed by abbreviated name (Uppercase and Lowercase)/PERIOD/Title/PERIOD/Title of the Periodical (in italics)/COMMA/Place of publication/COLON/Entity to which the magazine is linked/SEMI-COLON/Publisher/COMMA/Volume number of the periodical/COMMA/Number of the periodical/COMMA/Date of publication/PERIOD/Available at/COLON/e-mail address (between the signs <  >)/PERIOD/accessed on/COLON/date of consultation/PERIOD.
Questions about submitting to the journal should be sent to the editorial office at [email protected]


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