Congenital oropharyngeal teratoma: a case report


  • Leticia Nogueira Januário , ,
  • Priscilla Guerra
  • Micheli Nery dos Santos
  • Cristiano Tonello



Teratoma, Oropharyngeal Neoplasms, Prenatal Diagnosis.


Teratoma of the oropharynx or Epignathus is a rare congenital neoplasm that originates at the base of the skull, occupies the entire oropharyngeal cavity, and externalizes through the mouth. It comprises only 2% of the teratomas, with an incidence of 1 in every 35000-200000 live births and predominance for the female sex. It can obstruct upper airways, and it is necessary to ensure their permeability at birth. The diagnosis should be early, ideally during prenatal care. The prognosis will depend on the injury, involvement of intracranial structures and adequate resection of the tumor. The purpose of this study is to report a rare case of newborn with intrapartum diagnosis of teratoma at the São Francisco na Providência de Deus University Hospital, located at Bragança Paulista – SP, Brazil, with presence of mass originating from the base of the skull and exteriorization through the mouth without need of via air transport.

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Januário, L. N., Guerra, P., dos Santos, M. N., & Tonello, C. (2019). Congenital oropharyngeal teratoma: a case report. International Journal of Health Management Review, 5(2).